Publication Arch’It

Turbulen Grid

“PRESSURE. There is always pressure. And then there is that kind of pressure in which the relationship between things suddenly shifts. Is this simply a phenomenon of reordering? Or it not the case that the elements themselves suddenly altar? “Ecology” is at once a proposition about these state of affairs and, in a distant way, a means of calibrating them. Think of it as fine-tuning. But in this sense one should also speak of an ecology of techniques. Herein lay the problem of design in contemporary cities of high density. In fact, of design in general. For insofar as the demand for buildings to do certain things is experiencing increasing pressure with regard to matter/energy relations and insofar as the means to analyze such features is increasingly spreading out across the domain of computation, then design itself, it would seem, is mutating. . . ” Arch’It

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