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by Shonquis Moreno

“June 18, 2008. Because LabDora’s gorgeous new seating for New York-based Johnson Trading Gallery was inexplicably left out of Johnson’s Art Basel showing this month (while Steven Holl’s somewhat less compelling pieces were not), it seems important to mention it here. The pieces designed by Peter Macapia at Brooklyn’s Design Office for Research and Architecture (LabDora) include the slavestool, the xstoolLaocoon and hammerandsong, all part of a series involving research into computational fluid dynamics, selective laser sintering (SLS) prototyping and materials science. LabDora designers create a mesh using CAD, testing and maximizing the strength of the structure before translating it into a liquid layer using fluid dynamics. This layer is then translated into another solid mesh which is fabricated in DuraForm nylon using a 3D printer. Because the structures are made up of many intersecting vortices, they are superlight and superstrong. They are also as good-looking as supermodels.” link Shonquis Moreno

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