Architecture and Spaces of Erasure

Peter Macapia with Marlon Davis and David Tucker: A series of lectures on buildings and spaces that have been erased from the history of Black American experience. Through a series of thinking, writing, and design exercises, we will study architectural and urban histories, presentations of community-based projects by BIPOC representatives, and experimental techniques for design and representation. Participants will have the opportunity to explore creative paths for research and propose reclamations of these spaces renewing art, architecture’s and design’s relation to social justice, BIPOC communities, and history. The sites of erasure we will examine in this course include Black Wall Street in Tulsa – the Tulsa Massacre (1921), Detroit’s 8-Mile (early to mid-20th century), Osage Avenue in Philadelphia (1985), Wheatley Park in Dallas (mid-20th Century), and the Slave Theater in Brooklyn (1984), and a selection of Storefront Churches.