Foucault Seminar Fall 2015

Peter Macapia, Foucault Seminar, New School for Social Research and Parsons, Fall 2015

This seminar on Foucault looked at a series of his main published texts and interviews and lectures around 1) the transformation of knowledge in relation to representation in the 19th century, 2) its impact on the notion of action and the ontology of networks of actions, 3) the impact of this new ontology on the logic of power-relations as actions on actions, 4) the institutional bindings formed out of couplings of knowledge (e.g. psychiatry and law) and subjectivation, 5) historical contradiction and internal paradox of the “right to speak.” Student projects by Zanzie White on Sound and the Performance of Studio Critiques, Jonas Gonzales on Policing in Inner-City Schools, Linda Hamouie and Fashion, Race, and Religion, Sophia Jose on Theater, Makeup, and Identity, Inye Nosegbe on the Criminalization of Youth and Race, Samantha Sutton and Families and Psychiatry, Laura Turner on Children, Space, and Bodies, Maria Paz Silva on The Strange Ecology of Things, David White on Family, Norms, and Sexuality.