Interview with Claude Parent,

In 2009 i asked two former interns who were now developing their own work in Paris as well as directing ocassional research at the paris office of labDORA to set up an interview with Claude Parent, this was Marie Corbin and Nathanael Dorent who started the conversation with him.  Leah Sattler also contributed a lot of research.  The interview comes from a number of angles, but mostly its concerned about drawing

phote marie corbin


“MC : So, for you, drawing is not an object of aesthetics, but an object of work ?
CP : Yes. Totally.
PM : But in architectural history, there are moments in which the practice of drawing has
changed architectural movements.
CP : That’s true. I have to say today I only do drawing. I have let myself drawing without
control. I left the imaginary, the dream, and the fantasy take over me. People like Frédérique
Migayrou say that. Since the “fonction oblique”, I am linked to a deep theoretical body/language.
I have a skeleton to work from. The “fonction oblique” has limited and extended my field of
imagination or work for the past 40 years. More recently I found my previous ways of drawing
too slow; so I started using India ink, like Japanese artists but without replicating Japanese
themes. I am currently working on very big drawings, which will be exhibited… I find this
method more instinctive. To become more instinctive, I use two mediums these days: pencils
and India ink.
I also have trained to make small drawings without thinking. I try to draw a random form. So I
have about 50 drawings of this kind… I really like them. I try to see if I could find a drawing in
these random lines…”

translated by marie corbin

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