Peter Macapia is the director and founder of the experimental office labDORA and Peter Macapia Studio.

Macapia studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, Harvard University, and Columbia University. He founded labDORA in 2003 after receiving his PhD from Columbia where he was the recipient of the Presidential Fellowships.

His work involves the problem of geometry in the age of computation, the geometry and topology of matter/energy relations, density in the contemporary city, and the geopolitics of urban space.

His work and writings are published in Log, Monitor, A+U, Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Interior Design, Pin-Up and numerous books on architecture, design, and computation. Macapia’s projects Dirty Geometry 1 and Dirty Geometry 2 are part of the permanent collection at the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France. Recently Macapia’s Pavilion Seroussi, has been shown throughout France as part of the Dentelles d’architectures exhibition, which includes Nouvel, FOA, and Philip Morel.

Macapia’s work has been exhibited in Basel, Miami, New York, Chicago, London, Paris, and Los Angeles including the recent solo shows titled Swarm, Ship of Theseus, Skullcracker, and The Birth of Physics. His work on Dirty Geometry, including the Dirty Geometry Pavilions, will be published in 2014 by the FRAC titled Architectures experimentales, 1950-2010.  Macapia earned distinction winning international competitions, collaborating with engineers from Ove Arup and Buro Happold, and with software designers.

Macapia began teaching at Columbia’s GSAPP on architecture and ontology in 1999 and has since taught nationally and internationally in both art and architecture at Sci-Arc, Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, the Ecole Special d’Architecture, Malaquais, TU Delft , School of Visual Arts and other schools. Macapia earned his PhD in Theory and Criticism at Columbia University, a Master’s at Harvard, and BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  He is currently teaching at Pratt and writing a book on Foucault, Deleuze, and Force.

04.2012 “Interview with 101 South Lane Office Building,” Performance, Liberatum, Hong Kong
12.2011 “Silent Manifesto,” Performance, Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York
06.2011 “Notice of Appearance,” various sites, paper installation, Paris
04.2011 “In Search of Medusa,” Metropolitan Museum of Art

Solo Exhibitions
04. 2014  “Borroworrob: In search of symmetry,” HDLU, Zagreb
04.2012   “Legendary Psychasthenia,” Installation, Liberatum, Hong Kong
09.2011  “Origins of Distance,” Sebastian Barquet, New York
04.2010  “Birth of Physics,” Sebastian Barquet, New York
06.2009   “Ship of Theseus,” Nous Gallery, London
06.2009   “Skullcracker,” Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles
04.2009   “Swarm,” Bridge Gallery, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions
04.13 “The Small Where,” Opus Project Space, New York, curated Peter Macapia
03.13 “As the Eye is Formed,” Parish Art Museum, Curated Peter Campus
02.13 “Reading Rooms,” Sebastian Barquet, New York, curated Ramis Barquet
01.13  St. Vincent House, David Quadrini curator, Los Angeles
09.12 “Geddes International,” Storefront for Art and Architecture, curated by E. Franch, NY
06.12 “Dentelles d’architectures,” Musée-Mine départemental à Cagnac-Les-Mines, France
05.12 “Lady Dior,” Shanghai, curated H. Mikhailov, Tokyo
04.12  “Diagramme(s),” Dessin Contemporain, ESA, Paris, S. Devabaktuni, J. Sautereau
04.12  “Dirty Geometry,” Object-Milieu, L’ESAD Orleans, France
04.12 “Off to Sea Once More,”  Katie Herzog’s Feng-Shuing the Panopticon, Actual Size, LA
12.11  “Trojan Pigeon,” Storefront for Art and Architecture, curated Eva Franch, NY
05.11  “Audi Urban Future Awards,” New York, curated Mark Kushner
04.11  “Lady Dior,” Shanghai, curated Herve Mikhailov, Shanghai
08.10   “Chiachiarita,” Sebastian Barquet, curated Nick Kilner, New York
10.09  “Architeture et dentelle,” la maison de l’architecture et de la ville, Lille, France
05.09   “Swarm2,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Warehouse, Chicago
09.09   “Digital Primitivism,” Center for Architecture, curated by Katerina Tiazzoldi, Lisboa,
10.08    “Immaterial Process,” Beijing Biennial, curated A. Andrasek, N. Leach, Beijing
09.08    “Light.” Norman Schaffler Gallery, curated Keith Sonnier, Brooklyn
09.08    “Natural and Artificial Behavior,” Bridge Gallery, curated Marilyn Garber, New York
12.08   “Seroussi Pavilion,” AA School, curated Brett Steele, London
11.07    “New Work,” Johnson Trading Gallery, curated Paul Johnson, New York
09.07    “Scriptedbypurpose,” Fuel Collection, curated Marc Fornes, Philadelphia,
09.07    “Pavilion Seroussi,” Maison Rouge, curated Elias Gounoun, Paris,
02.07    “The Computational Turn,” Maison de l’Architecture, Marseille, curated P.Morel
05.05    “Beyond Media,” Media Festival, curated Marco Brizzi, Florence Italy
04.05    “New Architecture New York,” Tokyo University, curated Daisuke Hirose, Tokyo

4.2013 “The Small Where,” Vito Acconci, Ivan Argote, Pauline Bastard, Theodore Fivel, Luciana Lamoth, Opus Gallery, New York
7.2009 “Wild Child,” Marc Fornes, Ben Aranda, Tom Wiscombe, Marcello Spina, Bridge Gallery, New York

Selected Publications
Ruotolo, Paola, “legendary psychasthenia,” Domus, February 2013.
Zarrella, Katharine, “Nobel Laureates Take Hong Kong,” Interview Magazine online, May 2012
Yokayama, Kei, “The New York Grid,” A+U, no. 12, September 2011
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Brayer, Marie-Ange, ed., Architectures expérimentales 1950-2010 (HYX, Paris 2011)
Burry, Mark, ed., Scripting Cultures: Architectural Design and Programming (Wiley, London 2011)
Goldfarb, Max, ed., Speculative Structures:  Radical Architectural Renderings (Mark Batty Publishers, New York 2011)
Hirose, Daisuke, “New Practices in New York,” A+U, no. 10, March 2010
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Gendall, John,  “Ranch House,” Architectural Record Online, May 2007

Selected Publication by Peter Macapia
Macapia, Peter, “On Ivan Argote,” Aspect Magazine, September, 2012, volume 20.
Macapia, Peter, “Descartes,” TARP, Spring, 2010
Macapia, Peter, “Question: On Space and Power,” Cambridge Architecture Journal, no. 19, 2009
Macapia, Peter,   “Singularities,” Proceedings International Workshop on Computational Morphogenesis, Cornell, 2009
Macapia, Peter, “Influence,” Spread Art and Culture, Vol 4, Spring 2009
Macapia, Peter,  Diaggrama Agon, Nous Gallery, London, 2009
Macapia, Peter, “Dirty Geometry”, Log No.10, Fall, 2007
Macapia, Peter, “Turbulent grid part 1: dirty geometry,” Arch’It, January 2007
Macapia, Peter, “Turbulent geometry,” International Workshop ComputationalMorphogenesis, Nagoya University
Macapia, Peter, Performative architecture: beyond instrumentality, ed. B. Koralevic (London: Spon Press, 2004)
Macapia, Peter, “Edge Unlimited,” Architecture Review Australia, 90, September 2004

Selected Lectures/Conferences/Symposia
04.03.13 “The Unique Phenomena of Distance,” UTS, Sydney
11.15.12   Visiting Artist Lecture, School of Visual Arts, MFA program, New York
10.21.12   “Legendary Psychasthenia,” École Special d’Architecture, Paris
07.19.12   “Force of Law,” RMIT, Department of Architecture, Melbourne
04.20.12  “Living for the City,” Altair Engineering Conference, Detroit
10.20.11   “Playing With Fire,” TU Delft, Department of Architecture, Rotterdam
03.19.10    “Dirty Geometry,” Donald Judd on Art and Design, Roundtable, Judd Foundation Standard Hotel, New York
11.26.09   “After the Night Watch,” École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Malaquais, Paris
07.30.09    “Immaterial Processes,” Storefront for Art and Architecture, panel discussion, New York
06.15.09    “Ship of Theseus,” Hellenic Institute of Architecture , Synathroisis conference, Athens
04.23.09    “Cartesian Wax,” Kent State School of Architecture, Kent State University
03.19.09    “Blind leading the blind,” The Drawing Center, New York
01.19.09   “War And Peace”, Princeton University, Graduate Program in Architecture, Princeton
01.17.09    “The Smell of Geometry,” Sci-Arc, Los Angeles
03.24.08    “Bananas: or the algorithm,” UNAM,  Nonstandard Geometry Conference, Mexico City
03.22.08     “Geometria Conflictus,” Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia
12.10.06     “Kinds of Sublime,” University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Architecture, Philadelphia
11.05.06    “On the Prehistory of Computation,” École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Malaquais, Paris
03.29.06     “Pressure,” École Special d’Architecture, Paris
03.28.06     “Dirty Geometry,” École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Belleville, Paris
10.11.06    “Analysis,” UPenn, Bites, Bits, Bricks, Cecil Balmond and David Ruy organizers, Philadelphia
05.02.06    “Geometry under pressure,” École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Malaquais, Paris

Artists in Residencies
06.2011   l’entreprise culturelle, Paris, France
08.2010  Pilchuck Center for glass, Washington State, USA

Ph.D.      Columbia University, 2003
Theory and Criticism/ Rosalind Krauss advisor
19th Cent. Arch. Theory and History/Barry Bergdoll advisor
Dissertation:   Minimalism:  The Problem of Meaning (R. Krauss, J. Rajchman, A. Bilgrami, R. Brilliant)
M.Phil.    Columbia University, 2000
M.A.        Columbia University, 1997
M.T.S.      Harvard University, 1993
B.F.A.       Rhode Island School of Design, 1989

2001-Current     Founder, Principal, labDORA, architectural design and research, New York
2008-Current     Peter Macapia Studio, New York
Architectural Practice
2001-Current     Director and Principal, labDORA, Design Office for Research and Architecture, New York
2000        Stephen Handel and Assoc., New York
1999        Jay Levy Studio, New York

Selected Teaching
2003-Current  Pratt Institute, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Graduate School Architecture, Brooklyn, New York:  History, Theory, Advanced Design Studio
2009-2011 Sci-Arc, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Los Angeles, California, Theory, History, Engineering Design
1998-2008 SVA, Adjunct Professor/Visiting Professor, New York, World Art and Architecture, Honors History, Sculpture
2001-2006 Columbia University, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Architecture and Planning,Theory and History, Advanced Design Studio
2004-2005 Columbia University, Visiting Professor, Fu School of Engineering and Applied Science, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Academic Honors
1996-2002 Columbia University President’s Fellowship
1993-1994 Columbia University President’s Fellowship
1990-1992 Harvard University Graduate Scholarship
1985-1989 Rhode Island School of Design Undergraduate Scholarship

Selected Grants
Faculty Development Grant, Pratt Institute
Co-Author (PI Jack McGourty, SEAS), NSF Department Level Reform Grant
Co-Author, Co-Principal Investigator, (PI Patirica Culligan) Columbia University Academic Quality Fund, “Toward New Urban Ecologies,”
FACE Croatia/CEC ArtsLink

10.10 “Wildness,” TU Delft, Workshop on algorithmic design and architecture, Rotterdam
11.09  “Seed Sovereignty,” École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Malaquais, on algorithm and ecology, using combinatorial and aggregate systems to explore urban apt conditions in Paris
11.06 “Gradient Structure,” Sci-Arc , School-wide workshop on innovative structural design and urban space using Finite Element Analysis, Los angeles
10.06 “Turbulent Grid,”  École Spéciale d’Architecture), School-wide workshop on urban density in collaboration with Jacques Sautereau “Seminar de la ville,” using advanced scripting methods and hybrid architectural and infrastructural design methods, Paris

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